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Molecular biology kit for the determination of susceptibility to celiac disease by Real Time PCR amplification of human DNA from peripheral blood and further identification of specific alleles for this condition.

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The most innovative feature of XeliGen is the identification of subjects who are at risk of developing coeliac disease.
By using XeliGen is possible to detect the main HLA genotypes that predispose to susceptibility to coeliac disease and, therefore, it is possible to stratify the genetic risk to identify (especially in subjects already belonging to at-risk category) those individuals who have an higher probability of becoming coeliac.
The introduction of XeliGen, by identifying major HLA genotypes, allows you to define the "HLA-related risk" of developing celiac disease. This aspect represents a real progress as previous systems, able to identify alleles encoding DQ2 and DQ8 heterodimers, but not their quantity, allowed only to exclude the risk of developing Coeliac Disease.

Celiac Disease is an multifactorial autoimmune disease which involves many genetic and environmental factors. The involved genetic factors are linked to the HLA system (about 40%) and to various genes distributed in different chromosomes. The presence of specific "HLA genotypes" in the short arm of chromosome 6 determines the encoding of heterodimers responsible for the irregular activation of the immune system. The presence of these heterodimers is not a sign of the development of the disease, but indicates the presence of a risk factor. On the other hand, their absence excludes, almost certainly, the development of the disease.

Recent studies have shown that the genetic risk associated with genotypes encoding DQ2/DQ8 heterodimers is not the same for all patients. The studies have shown that the genetic risk of developing celiac disease may be stratified into 5 Classes, from G1 to G5, according to the specific genotype.

XeliGen is the unique RealTime PCR based system which can identify all genotypes associated to the 5 Class risk groups (G1 to G5) predisposing to Coeliac Disease.

XeliGen allows to best follow up the possible onset of coeliac disease in first degree relatives of coeliac patients. As matter of fact, by identifying the genotype of relatives, it is possible to assign a relative risk degree to develop coeliac disease in a population and, on the basis of the same risk level, how frequent the serologic tests should be performed along the time with the purpose of carefully monitoring the possible onset of the disease.

  • Xeligen RT   12 test - code 9136
  • Xeligen XL   24 test - code 9186

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