Eu-Gen System

From the exclusion of coeliac disease to the definition of relative risk.

The Eu-Gen System, molecular biology system, allows to define the HLA genotypes associated to coeliac disease by means of a step-by-step approach according to the specific requirements of each user.

  • Eu-Gen Estrazione code 9132
  • Eu-Gen code 9133
  • Eu-Gen Controlli code 9139
  • Eu-Gen Risk code 9135
  • Eu-Gen Risk Controlli code 9140

The configuration of Eu-Gen and Eu-Gen Risk primer mixes allows to identify all HLA alleles involved in susceptibility to coeliac disease. The choice of the system to apply depends upon the specific needs and operative requirements of each single centre.

Eu-Gen Risk should be used with both high risk (first and second degree relatives) and suspected coeliac patients. In other cases, a first screening by means of Eu-Gen followed by a complete identification of genotype by means of Eu-Gen Risk should be considered. The modular approach provides more flexibility.

Technical features

  • Ready to use reagents
  • Same extraction procedure for both kits
  • Test configuration suitable to any possible need
  • Inclusion/exclusion by means of two single primer mixes
  • Risk definition according to the most recent literature

Expected results

The reading of electrophoresis gel obtained by Eu-Gen and/or Eu-Gen Risk allows to identify whether the subject belongs to a specific risk class. Proper performance of each test is ensured by the precence of the band related to the internal control. If this or other ampliphication bands are not present, the should be repeated.

Eu-Gen Risk results obtained are also expressed as genotype. According to the most refdcent literature, each genotype might be associated with a specific risk class. This assocition can be found in the scientific literature.

Eu-Gen Risk: Procedure flow chart:



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