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The search for antiendomysium antibodies is an indirect immunofluorescence assay (IFA) test with high sensitivity and specificity values. To obtain accurate results, however, high-quality biological materials (e.g. deep-frozen sections of monkey oesophagus or human umbilical cord) as well as expertise in result interpretation of the assay (fluorescence interpretation) are required.

  • Antiendomysium®96 - code 8734, 96 test
  • Antiendomysium®48 - code 8758, 48 test
  • Antiendomysium®IgG - code 8721, 48 test
    Antiendomysium kits can be used for the determination of antiendomysium antibodies on monkey oesophagus sections (IgA and /or IgG).
    The rigorous selection of biological material (only sections taken from the lower third of monkey oesophagus and complete availability of the facilities to interpret the results) and a strict quality control process can obtain reliable and reproducible results. Furthermore, thanks to Antiendomysium IgG, both patients with IgA deficiency and celiac patients only positive for IgG antibodies can be identified.
  • Antiendomysium HUC - code 8762, 60 test
    It is indicated for the determination of antiendomysium antibodies on sections of human umbilical cord (HUC). Despite the greater difficulties apparently encountered in the interpretation of results obtained from these sections, this kit is easily available and also avoids the ethical problems related to the use of monkey oesophagus.
    This product has been subjected to a quality control process.
  • Antiendomysium®Biopsy - code 8726, 20 test
    If the results of the serological assays do not match histology, it is possible to search for the presence of anti-endomysium antibodies in the supernatant of coltured intestinal mucosa fragment.
    The bioptic fragment is incubated for at least 72 hours at 37°C.
    At the end of the incubation, and after removal of the fragment, the undiluted colture medium is tested for the presence of anti-endomysium antibodies.
    A positive result of the test indicates that the patient is affected by active coeliac disease.

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